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Frequently Asked Questions

The Product

What are GreenBoxes?

GreenBoxes are industrial strength plastic crates that can be secured easily to provide the best protection for your belongings whilst making the handling of them so much easier. They arrive nested on top of each other to save on space and when packed can be stacked on top of each other to make them easy to move with the GreenBoxes Dolly.

GreenBoxes rather than cardboard boxes?

GreenBoxes are the cheaper option to buying cardboard boxes. No need to make up cardboard boxes, tape them up, break them down and dispose of them. They can be re-used over 100 times and are recyclable. Cardboard boxes are awkward to handle and difficult to stack when moving, GreenBoxes are the solution.

How big are GreenBoxes?

GreenBoxes have a capacity of over 70 litres. Their external measurements are 680mm(L) x 430mm (W) x 320mm (H)

I have a removal company booked. What are the benefits in using GreenBoxes?
If you have a removal company that will pack your belongings, let them know you have boxes and ask them to discount their fee for the boxes you won’t be using, You will also save on the time taken to build and tape boxes up. They will also find moving the boxes a lot easier. Otherwise, pack the bins yourselves and pay the movers just for moving them.
How clean are GreenBoxes?

GreenBoxes are cleaned and disinfected after every rental. They are solid, water resistant with an interlocking lid that can be sealed which will prevent your belongings from getting dirty or damaged.


What if I don't know how many GreenBoxes I need?

We have packages which suggest the number of GreenBoxes you need. If you’re unsure then ring one of the team and we will advise you before you place an online order or make an order over the phone. 0333 207 0881

How does the delivery and collection of GreenBoxes work ?

You simply fill out the online form or ring one of the team with your order. You select the date you’d like your delivery and the location where the GreenBoxes are to be collected from. There’s is no charge for either as long as you are within our operating area. Outside of that we will do all we can to get GreenBoxes to you and collect at a very competitive rate.

What If my removal date changes? Can I rebook or cancel my GreenBoxes order?

GreenBoxes understand that moving is very stressful and dates change at late notice. We will always attempt to re-arrange any late changes and if you contact GreenBoxes before the day of the delivery we will guarantee to re-arrange. If you need to cancel your order completely and don’t cancel on the day of the delivery then we will reimburse you fully. Same day cancellations may result in a 50% charge of the initial order being retained by GreenBoxes.

Delivery & Collection

What are your free delivery and collection operating areas?

We operate a free service throughout the whole of Leicestershire and Rutland and some of the surrounding areas, see our map on the Home Page. If you fall just outside of this area then give one of the team a ring and we will see whether we can assist. We will do all we can to provide a free service however a competitive mileage charge may apply.

Can I keep GreenBoxes longer if necessary?

Yes. Just give one of the team a call or e-mail as soon as you know and before the collection day. We will provide a very competitive quote for medium and long term rentals.

Do I need to be in when GreenBoxes are delivered and collected?

We will always need someone present when we deliver and collect your GreenBoxes.  If there is a problem on the day then give one of the team a call. We will be as flexible as possible with delivery times. We also deliver weekends and up to 8pm.


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all major debit and credit cards on our secure online SAGE checkout service or over the telephone.

All credit card details are entered on a Secure checkout page on the SagePay website and are transferred using SSL ensuring the safety and security of your payment details.

Will I receive confirmation of my delivery date?

You will receive an e-mail confirming the delivery and collections dates when you make your order. GreenBoxes will contact you to confirm the most suitable time for delivery and will ring you on the day.

How do I make payments for storage?

On checkout we will charge you a monthly rental payment however your monthly rental period will not commence until your belongings arrive at our storage facility or seven days after your GreenBoxes have been delivered to your home, which ever is the sooner. On going payments will be taken from your credit/debit card a month after they arrive in storage and at a date agreed with yourselves. You will receive a monthly invoice confirming this.

How much does delivering, collection the return of my GreenBoxes cost?

Delivery and collection are free of charge. To have your belongings returned we charge a £10 for every delivery plus £1.50 per box / item.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts on long term rentals or storage services and when you store over 25 boxes / items. Ring the team to discuss and obtain a competitive quote. 0333 207 0881


Do GreenBoxes offer storage solutions for businesses?

Yes. GreenBoxes is an ideal storage solution for your office / business. Our charges make it the cost effective option to de-clutter and prevent the need to relocate to larger premises. We provide a managed archive service where documents will be returned on demand and destroyed at a date determined by you.

What if I order too many or not enough GreenBoxes?

You will only be charged for the number of GreenBoxes that you actually use. So when we come to collect we will only charge you for the GreenBoxes that you actually want stored. If you require more GreenBoxes then let the team know before we collect and we will bring more GreenBoxes with us. We can allow 30 minutes for these extra items to be packed.

How much does it cost?

Storage solutions start at £15 per month and £5 per month for students.

Discounts will be offered for long term rentals over 6 months. Ring one of the team for a competitive quote  0333 207 0881

What is the minimum period I can store my belongings for?

You have a free one week period in which to pack your items and we will then take your belongings to be securely stored. You will be charged on your initial order but the storage period will not commence until your GreenBoxes arrive in the storage unit or 7 days after the GreenBoxes have been delivered to you or which ever is sooner. Subsequent payments will be taken a month after the initial payment so payments are made in advance.

How can I have my belongings returned to me?

Under the storage solutions tab on the website you need to fill out the online Box return form and indicate whether you require all or some of your boxes / items returned. Just update the request form with the reference number of the items  you want returning and select the date you want them returning.

Or just phone one of the team on 0333 207 0881

You will be sent an e-mail inventory with your monthly invoice so you know what items you have in storage and their reference numbers.

How quickly can I have my GreenBoxes returned from storage?

We guarantee the return of any item within 48 hours. If you require delivery within a 24 hour period an extra £20 charge may be applied but we will always try to accommodate through daily business with no extra charge.

Can I have one or some of my GreenBoxes returned?

Yes. You can have any number of your boxes or items returned to you and will be charged £10 for each delivery plus £1.50 per box or item. You can make any number of requests for any number of items during your storage period.

Can I have my GreenBoxes delivered to a different address?

When you fill out the online collection form you need to input the new delivery address. You just need to make sure that they are within our free operating area. If unsure then give one of the team a call on 0333 207 0881. We will always try to facilitate free collection and delivery and if not we will always quote a very competitive mileage rate.

What are your delivery and collection times?

We operate between the hours of 7am and 8pm Monday to friday  and a reduced service between 7am and 5pm on Saturdays. You can specify a delivery period and we will call you on the day to confirm our delivery / collection time.

Can I store anything else apart from belongings packed in GreenBoxes?

There are a number of items that we will store such as bicycles, golf clubs, packed luggage and cardboard boxes ( see storage solutions page for full details.) We will consider other small to medium sized items on a case by case basis. Ring one of the team on 0333 207 0881 to discuss your requirements and for a cost effective storage solution.


What can I store in my GreenBoxes?

GreenBoxes Storage solutions is for general household belongings we cannot store anything that will pose a danger to any other person or property belonging to others whilst in transit or in storage. Examples of what we cannot store are :-

  • Perishable goods such as food.
  • Stolen property.
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives.
  • Flammable products or products that emit gases, fumes and smells.
  • Any living animal or creature(s).
  • Any item with potential to contaminate goods belonging to others or the storage facility.
How long do I have to pack my belongings before GreenBoxes collect?

We will deliver your GreenBoxes and give you a week to pack before we collect.

If you want your GreenBoxes collecting before then just call one of the team to arrange.

Storage charges commence a week after we deliver GreenBoxes to your door.

What is the maximum weight limit for each of my GreenBoxes?

We suggest that you do not exceed 15kg in order that your GreenBoxes can be easily handled and transported.

In any case each box should not exceed a 30kg load.


Are my belongings be safe and secure?

You will be supplied with a security seal for each box which has a unique serial number to ensure that your property is not tampered with. GreenBoxes are tough and durable that will prevent your belonging from getting damaged or wet.

What sort of storage facility will my belongings be stored in?

Your belongings will be stored in a reputable commercial storage facility that has 24hr security and CCTV and trusted by large commercial enterprises.

Are my belongings insured whilst being stored?

You will need to inform your home insurance company that you have items in storage and ensure that they are covered within your policy. Usually a quick phone call or e-mail will suffice. If you do not have insurance then for a small fee that can be arranged through a number of well known insurance providers.

Who can access my belonging whilst being stored?

Only employees from GreenBoxes have direct access to your belongings. We do not permit anyone else to access the storage facility. This is to maintain the integrity of our security processes in order that your belongings are protected. Just request a return of your property and we’ll get it to you.

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